Blix Vika+ Assembly Instructions




  • Ben Richey

    Hello, there is a small part that came with the bike that I cannot identify or figure out where it goes. It’s a silvery metal disk, about 1 inch in diameter, with a threaded rod offset on the back, there are two opposing bits and washers on the threaded rod. What is this part and where does it go?

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  • sharon woods

    I have same question that you have, I also have called customer support all day long and no help very upset. I need help with the latch lever I had a medal cylinder fall out and not sure which end goes in towards top. When first went to assemble the bike I couldn't close the bike where the stems meet there was a very small screw which stopped the bike from folding. I unscrewed it and it closed but now I have the medal cylinder fall out.

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